Why a few more conservatives can save the GOP from the left

The left is trying to push the GOP to accept amnesty, but the GOP has already done so.

So far, there have been no signs that the GOP will ever accept the president’s demand for an amnesty.

It’s an absurd demand that would be impossible to justify in a country with the population of Arizona.

But even if Republicans are willing to accept the amnesty offer, the problem is that they won’t be able to win votes for it without alienating the very voters who voted for President Trump in the first place.

If conservatives are going to be able a party to rally the right to the cause of conservatism, they’ll have to show more willingness to defend the conservative movement in general.

For that to happen, conservatives have to come together to win.

In this election cycle, there are many Republicans who would be willing to stand up for their beliefs and stand up to the left, but they won to support President Trump.

In addition, it’s important that Republicans show leadership by supporting immigration reform that would benefit all Americans.

If the GOP is going to remain relevant in the future, it needs to come up with solutions to help the country stay together.

John Nichols is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute and the author of The Last Stand: How the Left Can Save America from its Own Failure.

This article tagged under: John Nichols,conservative movement,conservative news,conservative politics,republican party source National Journal title Why conservative news is good for conservatives article Rep. John Boehner, the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, has already called for an end to amnesty and the GOP’s position on immigration.

But now, some conservatives are calling for the Speaker to go further, to support an immigration overhaul that would give legal status to a majority of undocumented immigrants and increase border security.

This would give conservatives a much-needed boost to their cause.

We don’t need more Democrats to defend amnesty, because the Republican Party already has it, according to Rep. Steve King, the Iowa Republican who chairs the House Immigration Subcommittee.

But the Republican leadership has been slow to embrace the conservative cause, and now we need more Republicans to stand with us.

In other words, conservatives need to be bolder.

Asking for a more conservative party that won’t take back the House, and which will stand up against the left on immigration, is a good place to start.

But if conservatives are willing a more principled and principled party, we can win.

John P. Nichols is the director of the National Review Institute and author of the new book The Last Step: The Conservative Movement in Crisis.

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera’s editorial stance.

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