When it comes to the ‘green-card-happy’ world, India is the ‘truly green’ one

In the US, the green-card policy allows people to travel freely in other countries without having to prove they are in the country legally.

In India, people have to prove their nationality to get a green card, but not every Indian is lucky enough to get one.

In fact, Indian citizens are much less likely to get an Indian passport than citizens of other countries.

The Indian government has recently launched an initiative called “Green Cards for All” to encourage citizens to apply for Indian citizenship, a process that will take up to two years.

While some Indians may have been able to get their green cards after two years, a recent survey by the Indian Council for Research on Development (ICRD) found that only 5 per cent of Indians had their green card applications approved.

This is not all that bad considering India has a population of just 2.7 billion people, but India’s green card system has a long way to go to get the same level of acceptance in other nations.

India’s green-cards are awarded on the basis of the number of years of continuous residency in the Indian state, or residence permits.

There are also three categories of permits, each based on a different kind of status: Permanent resident, a visa that allows you to stay permanently in India, a visitor, and a special permit.

Permanent resident permits are granted for the duration of a person’s stay in India.

These permits are usually valid for six years.

Visitor permits allow a person to come and visit India for up to five years, while special permits allow for longer stays and can also be extended for additional years.

Permanent residents can also extend their permits for up

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