How To Get The Feds To Pay Your Bills (Again)

As we mentioned earlier today, there are now some Feds in the United States that are not happy with the situation in Venezuela.

The government of Nicolas Maduro, which has been in power for the past 12 years, has been the victim of a series of corruption scandals, and is now under the constant threat of an economic collapse.

It has also recently been hit by the biggest natural disaster in the country’s history. 

The U.S. has been one of the major sources of funding for the Venezuelan government. 

This month, the U.N. General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution calling for sanctions on Venezuela and urging that the country end its “unilateral, unlawful and illegal” economic blockade against the U., the U, and the World Bank, as well as the U’s “continued support for Venezuelan leaders who have committed crimes against humanity and genocide.”

The resolution calls for “immediate and meaningful sanctions to be imposed against the Venezuelan regime” and also calls for the creation of a “safe zone” in the Caribbean Sea to allow food, medicine, and other humanitarian assistance to flow to the country.

In the past, the Venezuelan president has refused to sign any of the resolutions, and even tried to stop the United Nations from passing the resolution in the first place.

However, he did not stop the U of T from passing it in December 2017, as reported by The Guardian. 

At this point, the only way that the U can get sanctions against Venezuela is if the UFA, the UNFA, and the FSB all agree to sign off on the sanctions. 

However, the only countries that have signed off on it are the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Australia, and Norway. 

These are the three major trading partners for the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. 

So, now that the FSA has approved the sanctions, the three countries have agreed to send their sanctions teams to Venezuela. 

As the WSJ reports, “Britain, Canada and Australia are also sending a delegation of senior ministers to the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Haiti, where they are likely to find support from Venezuela’s opposition.” 

Meanwhile, the United states has sent its own delegation to Venezuela to “discuss the possibility of additional sanctions” against Maduro. 

According to the WSZ, “British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Britain had sent its ambassador to the Caribbean country to discuss the possibility” of additional “sanctions.” 

According a Washington Post report, the Treasury Department sent “an envoy to Venezuela” on December 21, but “did not send a representative.” 

The White House has also been “very concerned” about the possibility that Maduro may be pressured to sign the sanctions in the coming weeks. 

“The Maduro government’s response to the sanctions is a prime example of the government’s lack of trust in the UPA and the UNAVCO, and its inability to control the government,” the White House said in a statement. 

Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the White Houses economic sanctions team will visit Venezuela to discuss additional sanctions, and that the administration is planning a meeting between the WhiteHouse, Treasury and the Treasury Secretary on Monday to discuss how to handle the situation. 

But, the WSJs report said, the Trump administration is not prepared to send a “special envoy” to Venezuela and is not “open to using a private team of private citizens to monitor the Venezuelan economy.” 

As The Wall St Journal reported, “the White House and Treasury Department have been trying to get Venezuela to sign sanctions against the Maduro government for the better part of a year, but they have been unable to do so.” 

It is not clear if the Trump team will take the initiative to take action against Maduro on January 11, as some have speculated. Meanwhile Venezuela is set to have its first free elections in 17 years on January 12, and there has been much speculation about whether the election will bring the country out of its economic crisis. 

In a recent interview with Reuters, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said that his government is “very optimistic” that the vote will be free and fair, and has promised that the government will be able to “examine the results in a thorough and transparent manner.” 

In addition, The Wall Street Review reported that a “top Venezuelan official” told Reuters on January 8 that the “residents of Caracas are going to have the right to elect a new president.” 

Furthermore, “Maduro has said that he is optimistic that the Venezuelan people will vote in elections in 2017, which would allow the country to move forward on a new political path, as the opposition parties have been pushing for.” 

On January 11 at 4:30 p.m.

EST, the U.S.-Venezuelan Free Trade Agreement (TFSA) will be signed at the

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